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Woman Lashes Out & Splashes Her Boba At Security Guard And Food Rider For Following SOPs

today29 November 2021


It’s been almost two years of staying at home, and we would be lying to ourselves if we said we’re not food delivery experts at this point. Well, most of us anyway.

A woman who is believed to be from China reacted in a fit of anger when her bubble tea was not sent up directly to her apartment unit, and someone caught it all on camera.

Facebook user and managing director of a security company, Michael Cheang, posted a video on Facebook on 27 November regarding the incident.

Watch it here:

From what we know, the woman ordered bubble tea and instructed the delivery rider to send it to her unit at 8pm. The security guard on duty explained that delivery riders are not permitted to go up to residents’ units due to SOPs.

Sounds fair, no? She didn’t think so.

The woman then came downstairs to collect her order then proceeded to tell both the delivery rider and the security guard off.

β€œThe other countries including China…

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Written by: Quinny Tan

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