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Xavier This, Tyler That- But Which ‘Wednesday’ Character Are YOU?

today16 December 2022


source: Netflix

The recent release of ‘Wednesday’, a coming-of-age dark comedy from the mind of Tim Burton himself, has taken social media by storm. You’ve probably seen the swarm of TikTok dances featuring Lady Gaga’s ‘Bloody Mary’, and we all know bangs and pigtails are in again.

Besides the comedic and wholesome storyline that sets the new series apart from what’s been depicted of Wednesday in the prior Addams Family films, it’s pretty clear that a large portion of Gen Z resonate with and relate to the entirety of the cast beyond the protagonists.

source: Pinterest

So while we argue about whether Wednesday looks better with Tyler or Xavier (the right choice is obvious), and place silent bets on who the ‘stalker’ is, let’s take a minute to find out which character best suits you based on your little quirks and habits:

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Written by: Lara Kramer

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