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‘You’ Series- Ever feel like you’re being stalked?

Many of you fans of the Netflix Original Series ‘You’ may not know that the series was originally a book! Yes you read that right. Creating a readaptaion of a film is not easy but truly a great job done.




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Many of you fans of the Series ‘You’ may not know that the show was originally a book! Yes you read that right. Creating an adaptation of a film is not easy but truly a great job done. As far as the storyline of the series one would say it was rather cliché but the execution of the film was indeed spot on and without a doubt gave me the chills. It was almost as though the main character ‘Joe’ was reading his life events from a book, you know with him owning a book store and hiding a cellar underneath it. Whoops, yes ladies and gents this is not your regular love story. Readers and lovers of Caroline Kepnes ‘You’ series were shocked when watching the revelations of the unsettling drama of season 1. Majority females would have experienced a stalker incident at least once in their lifetime. So with that being said it would for sure attract the ladies, only because they would resonate to the film.

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For those of you who read the book, you would know that it had an alternate ending. I’m not going to sit here and have you and I choose which ending would be better but rather than following the fate of the novel Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble’s take on the ‘You’ concluded with an unexpected return from Candace Stone, who many presumed dead. And it looks like she is back with a grudge to bear with.

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Starting fresh without the influence of the book for season 2, has many fans wondering what might just happened to Joe. With Beck supposedly dead, will he get caught? Will Candace blackmail him with her murder?  The many questions that will only get answered in Season 2.

It is for sure a series full of depth and believe it or not, teaches us a few lessons. ‘You’ has quickly established itself as one of last year’s most informative shows. The creepy tale oe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) and his obsessive stalking of customer Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail) is not only an enjoyable psychological thriller but it’s also packed with lessons about how to avoid the guy with access to a climate-controlled chamber.

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For example how about Sort out your social media privacy settings, don’t worry millennial not posting every single activity in your life does not mean you don’t have one. And just because a guy is hot, doesn’t mean he’s not creepy. Always check behind the shower curtain, If you’ve seen the first episode, you’ll know what we mean.

Have I intrigued you yet? If not maybe this trailer will


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