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10 Female Movie Characters Who Were Treated Soooo Badly For No Reason

They deserved better!



Every film has a villain and a hero, it’s just human nature to have good versus evil and having good triumph at all times, which at times result in certain characters getting the harsher end of the deal even if they were not at fault to begin with. So here it is the 10 female characters who deserved better!

1. Captain Marvel — Captain Marvel 


Maybe it was because she’s a newbie, but not any more!

2. Eleanor Young — Crazy Rich Asians 

Scattered Quotes

She was undeniably mean to Rachel Chu but even she didn’t deserve racism.

3. Storm — X-Men


I think you can agree when I say that, Storm was one of the few female superheroes we all grew up with, so it would be nice if she was appreciated more in the films.

4. Sharpay Evans — High School Musical 

We Heart It

Mhmm, that’s right!

5. Miranda Priestly — The Devil Wears Prada


She didn’t get to where she is playing nice.

6. Summer — 500 Days of Summer

We Heart It

This one hurts. But Summer did warn Tom from the get go that she never looked at him as the happily ever after ending guy, can’t blame her if he didn’t want to accept it.

7. Yzma — The Emperor’s New Groove 


First off wasn’t this just the best cartoon?! My 90s kids would relate! We can all admit teenagers are a nuisance at times, which got the best of Yzma. If left alone she was an independent, hilarious, hard-working lady.

8. Jenny — Forrest Gump 


You can blame her for toying with Forrest’s feelings but her dark past has been the haunting factor for Jenny behaving the way she did. She was abused as a child by her own father, so she didn’t think she deserved happiness. She was a traumatized woman who is still facing her demons.

9. The Wicked Witch of the West — The Wizard of Oz


Now you know who the real villain is…

10. Nebula — Guardians of the Galaxy


Sibling rivalry, tore her apart. Thanos Nebula’s father, liked to pit her against her adopted sister Gamora. Thanos insulted her and never appreciated her. But even Nebula realized that she really just wanted a sister. She just had a furious way of showing it.

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