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4 Reasons To Watch The Last Christmas This Holiday Season!

“Last Christmas” will be out in cinemas 28 Nov.!



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If you’ve been waiting for a good Rom-com movie to come out this year, then look no further.

“The Last Christmas” directed by Paul Feig will be out this November 28. The story is based on the famous Wham! holiday song, but with some unexpected twist.

The film follows Kate (Emilia Clarke) a young woman who is a complete mess, after being involved in an accident – leaving her to makes bad decisions that affect her and the people surrounding her. While working at a Santa’s elf department store, she comes across a young gentlemen, Tom (Henry Golding), who quickly turns her life around.

Now I’ve explained a little about the film, here’s reason why you should watch it!

Because not one but TWO of our Malaysia icons are in the movie!

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Though Henry Golding And Michelle Yeoh have acted together in previous films, such as “The Crazy Rich Asian”, it’s always exciting for us Malaysians to see the two Malaysia-born actors, collaborating in the same production once again.

In an interview with Guibo from Fly’s AM Mayhem, when asked of how it felt to act with Golding once again, Yeoh sweetly responded, “it’s always good to be working with Henry”. She continued “He is one of the most charming, disarming, he is hundred percent there, he’s always in a good mood, which is how it should be, he appreciate all the things that’s happening to him, and still happening to him”. The actress ended her praise with “He will never change…because, he’s Malaysian!

Watch the video below

‘Last Christmas’ dethroned ‘Joker’ from Box Office

Warner Bros.

Sorry ‘Joker’ we still love you, but we cannot be more proud that two of our Malaysia born actors have yet again made big success in the box office! Though critics may not be a fan of the film, it raked up the no.1 spot in UK on the opening weekend with £2.6 million (that’s RM14 million- Booyah!). According to Screen Daily, The film dethroned the Clown Prince of Crime from the top of the box office.

A romance with a beautiful twist

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The ‘Last Christmas’ may just be another romantic film, but its one worth watching! Some, If not most, Christmas holiday film usually have the same story line and pretty similar endings (not that we’re complaining!) but the last Christmas isn’t just a feel good romantic movie, the simple twist of outcomes leaves us with a little more to appreciate this Christmas.  I’m trying hard not to ruin the movie for you here, but I reckon getting some tissues ready, just in case.

Because, it’s cuddle season.


It’s the season to get cosy, with your loved ones- unless you’re lonely, then it’s the season for you to get cosy with the snacks and that bucket of popcorn. The movie is super heart-warming and includes all the sweet feels a holiday movie should serve.

Universal Pictures

My Personal thoughts of the movie, I genuinely enjoyed the film from beginning to end. As Michelle Yeoh says it best, “Don’t compare” the movie to other movies out there, it’s a movie on its own, and as a standalone the “The Last Christmas” is everything you could ask for in a holiday feel good Rom-com; it’s quirky, cute, cheesy and leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy at the end of the movie.

Watch the trailer below.

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