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5 Theories Of “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” That May Happen In Part 3

The witches are coming!



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It’s official! The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina are returning for parts three and four, which means there are plenty of twists and turns in the tale yet. Of course, fans are already theorizing on what could happen in this coming season. And here are our top picks!


  1. Sabrina, Harvey, Roz, And Theo Travel To Hell

This theory seems like the main push of Part 3 because Sabrina has made it clear in the ending of Part 2 when she decided to bring her friends along to travel to Hell in the mission to save her boyfriend, Nick Scratch. To be honest, this is one exciting part/theory as we’ll be getting our first glimpse of Hell, catching Sabrina’s take on Hell and also the fact she’s bringing along her mortal friends.

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  1. Sabrina Will Search For The Spear Of Longinus

Though Lucifer is imprisoned, he isn’t dead, so he will for sure return in season 3. Lucifer reveals in their first try that the only way to kill him is with the Spear of Languinus, which has yet to make an appearance in the show. If that weapon is the only way to kill Lucifer, then you can bet Sabrina will be trying to track it down.

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  1. Father Blackwood Is Hiding In Hell

One of the biggest questions after season 2 is: Where is Father Blackwood? In Part 2’s final scene, Ambrose and Prudence team up and set off to hunt down Father Blackwood, intent on killing their former father figure. Well, there was an interesting theory on Reddit that predicts that Father Blackwood is in Hell, thinking that he’s safe there since Lucifer was on Earth the last time he saw him.

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  1. Sabrina’s Mom May Not Be A Mortal

The final season of Part 2 saw Sabrina make an innocent joke about her mom’s history. However, it could also be a clue that Sabrina’s late mom, Diana Spellman, may not be a complete mortal. There’s another hint at this when Sabrina is described as the “baby of a witch, mortal and infernal blood,” which made us wonder how Sabrina could be a witch if Lucifer is her real father. Okay, for sure, there is something special about Diana.

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  1. Sabrina Will Discover She Has An Evil Twin

Part 2 also saw the return of the twin theory: The idea that Sabrina has a twin after a flashback to Lucifer showed her parents with her Sabrina next to another baby who has goat-like feet. Though the twin idea was hinted in “The Mandrake”, it wasn’t fully revealed. Fans predict that this twin will be more loyal to Satan and prove to be a problem for Sabrina on her mission to kill Lucifer and rescue Nick.

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