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5 Things We Learned From Ariana’s Netflix, ”Excuse Me, I Love You”

Excuse Me, I Love You is as much a love letter to them as it is one to her fans



Ariana Grande’s Netflix film Excuse Me, I Love You is part concert movie, part tour documentary, as director Paul Dugdale’s cameras followed the singer to capture select behind-the-scenes moments while on her 2019 Sweetener tour. But in some ways, it’s also a family dramedy. What it lacks in melodrama, it makes up for in sweet moments of Ari just vibing and laughing with her best friends and creative collaborators. 

It’s a small glimpse into the singer’s world, featuring glittery performances, conversations over politics and lash glue, and moments of pure, unfiltered randomness. “This show for sure saved my life this year,” she says through tears near the end of the film. And maybe it will bring comfort to yours. 

As you can see in the film, she’s busy replenishing her spirit with showtunes and horror movies. Here’s what else we learned while watching Excuse Me, I Love You:


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1. Ariana Is *Super Duper Close* To Her Crew

The focus of Excuse Me, I Love You is less on Ariana and more on the people around her, and if you’re already a stan, then their names and faces will be familiar to you—The Twins, Fredo, Aaron, Josh, Victoria Monét, and Joan (who is introduced with the title card “need we say more?”)—but watching Ari interact with everyone in her crew, from her dancers (who all get to shine in the film) to her lighting techs (the “incredible” Phillip Comer is lowkey the MVP) to the staff she waves to while wandering the halls of these arena-sized labyrinths, it’s clear that the singer wanted to highlight all of the people who made the Sweetener World Tour so successful—and so healing for her.

2. She loves watching horror movies on tour

Or maybe she just loves forcing Scott to watch them. While on a flight to their next tour stop, Ariana, Brian, and Scott watch Ari Aster’s Midsommar. Ari’s laughing through the psychological folk horror, while Scott looks absolutely terrified. “Tour pastimes: forcing Scott to watch horror movies he will never recover from,” the singer annotates on screen. (They watch it a second time on a larger screen so that Ari can explain the plot.)


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3. Her makeup removal secret is… coconut oil

Coconut oil has long been touted as a “miracle” elixir for skin and hair because of its natural antibacterial and moisturizing properties, but the “Positions” singer reveals she uses it as a cleansing oil to remove her makeup, especially those pesky face gems that Ari jokes she’ll have to take with her to the grave because of the strong adhesive. “You should see me bleeding and crying with my coconut oil,” she playfully whines before heading on stage. Where’s the skin-care routine video, Ari?

4. Ariana buys her own bootleg merch

“Should we buy the bootleg merch this time?” Ariana asks Simon while on the way to the Forum LA for her next show. There’s something deeply relatable about knowing one of the biggest pop stars on the planet is not immune to the tawdry draw of bootleg t-shirts with her face on them. Sadly, Ari forgot to bring cash. (Again, a relatable queen!)


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5. She’s still a theater girl at heart

While in the car with her friend Aaron Simon Gross, Ari and Simon break out into a lovely, impromptu rendition of “Astonishing” from the Little Women musical. Watching Ariana sing the lyric “Who is he with his marry me? With his ring and his marry me?” just hits differently after her engagement to Dalton Gomez.

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