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5 Underrated Rom-Com Movies To Binge Today

today27 September 2018


It’s a simple fact that most romantic comedies are pretty forgettable. Some of them can feel like a giant waste of time, but others are actually kind of entertaining, and when they go unnoticed or underappreciated, it’s a huge let-down. Here are some of the rom-com movies that we feel are so underrated but are worthy a watch or two. You might want to save this list for a rainy day.


  • Leap Year

Leap Year deserves a second watch because it’s a genuinely underappreciated but very, very good rom-com. Leap Year ticks all the rom-com cliches: A grand gesture gone wrong, a road-trip from hell, and an opposites-attract pairing. But the chemistry between Amy Adams, perfectly prim and proper, and Matthew Goode, a rough-around-the-edges pub owner smarting from a broken heart, is so sizzling that it transcends all the cliches.

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  • She’s Out Of My League

Justin Long might not be the dreamy hunk that viewers are used to seeing in romantic comedies. He plays Kirk who dates Molly, played by Alice Eve. But everyone around them can’t get over the fact that Molly is considered to be a beauty and Kirk is just an average guy. Kirk doesn’t understand what Molly sees in him either, and feels like has to better himself to keep Molly’s interest. But what he doesn’t realize is that she likes him just the way that he is.

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  • How To Be Single

The movie mainly focuses on Dakota Johnson’s newly found single life after moving to the big city. But being single isn’t exactly as she imagined it and has to learn the ins and outs of the dating game. The movie is filled with lots of ups and downs with plenty of laughs. It’s a great watch for anyone a little more cynical about the realities of love in the 21st century.

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  • Man Up

Lake Bell plays Nancy, 34 and single and about to give up on this whole dating absurdity. Until she accidentally ends up on another woman’s blind date with Jack played by Simon Pegg. This movie wins all of the points for its killer cast – Rory Kinnear plays Nancy’s ex Sean, and Phoebe Waller-Bridge her pal Katie – as well as for its realistic portrayal of dating in your 30s.

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  • One Fine Day

George Clooney and Michelle Pfeiffer stars in the film as distraught single parents who are tossed together after they both miss sending off their kids on a day-long field trip, suddenly making child care a huge priority on what is an otherwise big work day for both of them. Forced to trade off kids as the hours wind down, the pair zips around ManhattanΒ  all while finding their affection and respect for each other building into something more.

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Watching a good rom-com yields a particular type of satisfaction and we fully understand the pleasures of it. Β Have you seen any of these? If not, then get down to it. Cause in the end, all that’s required is a willingness to believe that love can be real.

Written by: Priscilla G

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