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Angry Ex-Girlfriend Crashes Car Into Ex-Boyfriend’s House & Almost Burns Down Family Business

today16 August 2022


Source: PDRM

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. We all have that one person we wish we never dated, mostly because they might have a few screws loose up there. This woman took the break up a little too far when she crashed her car into her ex-boyfriend’s house at Taman Perling.

Johor Bharu Utara deputy police chief Superintendent Fariz Ammar Abdullah arrested the 20-year-old woman at 6.30am, 90 minutes after receiving complaints from the victim.

She was reportedly threatening to burn down the family’s business premises and damage their property. Upon receiving the complaint, a police team went to the home and found that a car had been driven into the automatic gate of the home.

Indian police arrest woman in Baramulla – Kashmir Media Service

She fled the scene before the police arrived but fortunately, they tracked her down and arrested her. Upon further investigation, the police uncovered that she was the ex-girlfriend of the younger brother of the complainant and that they had…

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Written by: Quinny Tan

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