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Authorities Rescue Senior Citizen Lying Helpless In Rubbish-Filled Melaka Home For Over 2 Years

today22 June 2022


source: Sinar Harian

The Social Welfare Department (JKM) managed to rescue a senior citizen who was lying sick and bed bound on a flimsy and filthy mattress in an abandoned building in Melaka earlier today.

The 63-year-old retiree is presumed to have spent more than two years living in a house filled with garbage and construction waste, as well as food.

He had been residing in Melaka for a long time and worked as an electrical wiring technician before falling ill, as per State Assemblyman (ADUN) Alex Seah Shoo Chin.

According to Seah, the senior citizen was unable to stand due to leg pain and relied on the kindness of those around him to provide him with refreshments.

Alex Seah Shoo Chin. (source: DAP Malaysia)

β€œIt was disheartening because he had to defecate near his bed since it was hard to move, making this place smell awful.

β€œWith this situation, he needs to be relocated instantly to another location before notifying…

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Written by: Lara Lee