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Best Lightweight Gaming Mice You Should Check Out

today22 July 2022


A gaming mouse is an essential part of a gamer’s arsenal. It seamlessly translates intention, muscle memory, and skill into a display of epic gamer moments. It’s an extension of the gamer’s arm and therefore, it must be integrated and seamless as possible, and one of the criteria for a seamless experience is weight, or rather the lack of it.

A standard mouse may get you the same results, but a specifically designed mouse will help you get better results. Think of it this way: your office mouse with a standard sensor that weighs a tonne is a Vauxhall Astra; it gets you places, but your Logitech G Pro X Superlight is a Lotus Exige, it’s stylish, light, nimble, and it gets you to places, in style and in time.

So, here are some of the lightest mice you can find on the market.

5) Razer Basilisk v2 – 92g

The Razer Basilisk lineup offers a few iterations. However, the wired v2 version takes the cake when compared to the Basilisk v3 and the lighter Basilisk X…

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Written by: Syazwan Bahri