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[EXCLUSIVE] Bunkface! 15 Years of Korang: The Power of Nostalgia

today2 August 2022


The event began with the iconic β€œG” note from My Chemical Romance, another childhood band that conquered radio stations and music festivals circa 2007. As a fan of the alternative/punk rock music scene, even the first few notes of Welcome to the Black Parade got me all hyped up.

And when the band finally showed up, boy, did they show up.Β Β 


The band kicked-off their concert with their shiny new offering I Miss You, recounting their early days and their journey to get to where they are now – and of course, the fans who made it all possible.Β 

Seeing your childhood heroes in the flesh is something indescribable. The crowd cheered and sang to every single song the band performed, and there was a very sweet moment when frontman Sam brought out his son Idris to introduce him to the Bunkers family. You can just tell how much their fanbase means to the band, and hey – it goes both ways too.

Their sentimental track entitled Korang (literally means you guys) is a heartfelt letter to the fans, especially the ones who have stuck by them for the past decade and a half, the reason for this concert to come alive (tears may have been shed listening to it live).

Sam’s voice was as great as ever; it’s like time has never passed from the heyday of punk rock. His vocals soared flawlessly over the music played immaculately by the rest of the band (Youk on bass and Paan on lead guitar), especially showcased in slower tracks such as Kembali and Soldier. The energy of the trio is infectious, perfect showmanship all around including short but witty banter with the crowd.



While the band also performed songs from their latest album β€œPOP”, it seems like playing on nostalgia works best. Listening to the crowd sing along to vintage hits from their debut album β€œPhobia Phoney” such as Revolusi, Prom Queen and Ekstravaganza is like time-travel. Situasi, especially, hits the hardest. In that moment, I felt 15 again, like I had my life figured out and yet feeling so lost and confused all the same.

Because before there was Spotify, we were all just kids listening to the radio all day waiting for our favorite songs to play. That was how we united, and how we learned to speak the same language: through music.

β€œKu masih ingat kali pertama,
Lagu kita keluar radio;
Dan aku masih orang yang sama,
Imaginasi aku bergema;
Kita lepak tunggu dan dengar,
Lagu kita keluar radio.”

Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β Korang, Bunkface

The concert ended on a high note, leaving fans satisfied but also hungry for more. Well, don’tΒ  worry because Bunkface is going to be around for a long, long time. Possibly another 15 years? Perhaps more? *wink

Written by: Farah Qistina

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