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Vietnamese Man Discovers 31 Dogs In Slaughterhouse, Decides To Buy All Of Them For RM4575

today2 August 2022


31 dogs escape slaughter after man buys them for $1,000
Source: Vn Express

With the countless dog related crimes that have been occurring lately, we need some rescuers around like this Vietnamese man.

Do Minh Khoi was looking for his 3 missing dogs when he stumbled across a pack of pooches that had an assigned death date in a slaughterhouse in the Dien Khanh district.

Khoi discovered 31 strays locked in cages and decided to buy all of them from the slaughterhouse owner for VND24 million (RM4575).

Do Minh Khoi discovers dogs in cages at a slaughterhouse in Khanh Hoa Provinces Dien Khanh District on July 27, 2022. Photo courtesy of Khoi
Source: Vn Express

He then posted them up on social media in hopes of someone recognising their missing furry family members, but only two families noticed the pups and returned them home safely.

Khoi was also offered financial reward from the families for his good deed, but he declined all advances.

He also received numerous requests to adopt the dogs, but he refused because he wanted more time for the owners to get them back.

β€œIf I can’t find the previous owners, I will take the dogs…

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Written by: Quinny Tan