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Caprice Wants Medical Officer To Apologise & Give Commenters Panadol If The Diagnosis Of His Personality Disorder Is Incorrect

today26 October 2022


source: Berita Harian

Following the Mydin-Caprice hullabaloo, a recent TikTok clip resulted in uproar on social media when an assistant medical officer came forward to comment on the behaviour of local rapper Caprice, or Ariz Ramli, associating his behaviour with a serious personality disorder.

Through the video, the user named Sabri Matsain voiced his personal view, in response to netizens who asked him via the comments section of another video for his opinion on the 34-year-old singer and humanitarian activist.

@xscout84 #question from @Sabri Matsain just pointing out my opinion. #histrionicpersonalitydisorder #HPD #pov #sabahan #insight #rawatminda #question #nasihat ♬ original sound – Sabri Matsain

Watch here if the clip doesn’t load.

Sabri said that the field of psychology has numerous branches of personality disorders, but in Caprice’s case, his condition could be classified as Histrionic Personality Disorder…

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Written by: Lara Kramer

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