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Indonesian Woman’s Body Found Engulfed By Giant Python

today26 October 2022



Last Monday in Jakarta, the body of a missing woman known only as Zahara to the public, aged 52, was discovered by villagers inside the stomach of a 6 meter long python.

Zahara worked as a rubber tapper, living in the district of Tanjung Jabung Barat and had been reported missing since last Sunday (23 Oct).

“We tried looking for her in the jungle. Then in the morning (Oct 25), we found Zahara inside the python’s belly,” said a villager of Desa Terjun Gajah where the incident took place.

Several attempts to reach her mobile phone were made alas to no avail.

It was approximated that around 300 villagers gathered to find Zahara and comb through the entire rubber plantation she worked at.

source: Tribun Jambi

During the initial search, none of the villagers could find any trace of Zahara until around 9am the following day, where the snake was successfully captured and dispatched.

After noticing the…

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Written by: Syakir Roslan

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