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Chef Si Comel SmartHeart, A Cat Who Loves To Cook

today4 February 2022


Have you heard of Chef Si Comel before? She is now the new mascot for SmartHeart. She got blue eyes and is covered with snowy white fur. As a Persian cat, she also owns a very long tail yet uniquely she is very passionate in cooking. She has recently posted a video of her cooking on Youtube! Let’s see how she performs, shall we?

Cooking with Chef Si Comel SmartHeart

Well you look at that, how amazing Chef Si Comel’s cooking skill is! This is all to ensure that the best food are created for the fellow cats regardless of where they come from. It will come in dry food, wet food in pouch, wet food in canned and even treat! Besides making names, she actually cares for the lives of cats in all stages of life.

Chef Si Comel SmartHeart’s ultimate goal:

Rumours have it that she has a goal in mind to be known around the world for her cooking skill and her SmartHeart products. She will open her own kitchen one day and create the very best cat food flavours and variations in the entire world. All she needs now is support from us and her fellow cat friends and fans.

Let’s give you some insights about her first experience of cooking

On the first day of cooking, she set the kitchen on fire. Did that make her give up on her dream? Absolutely not. Yet, she kept learning the right way to cook and since then she have tried so many different recipes to build her own secret recipe now. Later, she was given the name Chef Si Comel after the success of her first ever small stall just in front of her house.

She also loves to help other cats especially the stray ones in giving donations and food that she herself cooked. Such a loving and caring chef cat!

If you want to know more about Chef Si Comel SmartHeart, join this contestΒ now! There will also be amazing prizes waiting for you and your cats. The contest will go on from 1st February to 20th February 2022.

Follow SmartHeart official FacebookΒ andΒ Instagram pages to get updates about Chef Si Comel’s activities. And if you are interested to support and purchase SmartHeart products, you can visitΒ Lazada,Β ShopeeΒ andΒ SmartHeart’s website.

Written by: Syauqi Shamsul

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