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Chef Si Comel SmartHeart, A Cat Who Loves To Cook

Have you heard of Chef Si Comel before? She is now the new mascot for SmartHeart. She got blue eyes and is covered with snowy white fur. As a Persian cat, she also owns a very long tail yet uniquely she is very passionate in cooking.Β 

today4 February 2022

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Viral Hack To Peel Garlic Bulb In Seconds

We learned that:- After cutting the garlic bulb with a knife, switching to a cleaver makes for a cleaner smash and more likely for the garlic to come out.- You need to smash the cleaver pretty hard. Be careful with this step.The hack definitely makes it easier to peel lots of garlic in a short span of time, instead of smashing and peeling clove by clove. If all else fails, […]

today15 October 2020