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“Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” Part 2 – A Less Enticing Magical Return

today9 April 2019


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It was less than six months ago when Netflix premiered “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.” Now it has returned with its second season of up to 9 episodes. So, did it hold up against its much-hyped debut?

“Chilling Adventures” has aired 20 episodes in total, ten of which arrived in the fall and nine of which arrive this week, with a holiday special in between.

Basically, the core of Part 1 was concerned with Sabrina’s choice to embrace her witch-y side and sign the Dark Lord’s book. Whereas Part 2 is largely about the follow-through and fallout of that fateful decision. Focused on Sabrina’s journey after signing the Book of the Beast, Part 2 shows her growing into her powers while growing more isolated from her mortal friends. At the same time, Father Blackwood is asserting more control over the Church of Night, hoping to keep its patriarchal structure intact. This goes against Sabrina’s wishes…as well as those of her father.

One thing that was looked forward to in Part 2 was the Harvey-Sabrina-Nick love triangle. Last season, Sabrina broke things off with Harvey, but we all know that her feelings for him were still there. However, this season has her becoming more charmed by fellow warlock, Nicholas Scratch. Then again, to make things more complicated, Harvey get himself mixed up in another love triangle – and it’s none other than Roz, Sabrina’s mortal BFF. To be honest, we did not see that coming. As weird as it felt in the beginning, we grew fond of them as it goes; which made the love triangle fall.

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Kiernan Shipka as Sabrina has been growing into the role, though still under-performing in comparison to the rest of the cast. You couldn’t fall out of love for the Aunties Zelda and Hilda as their characters developed a support system, helping each other through their individual journeys. (Oh, how amazing Zelda looked in that floral dress!)

And my, my, my! Ambrose did impress us with his story line development. He was a limited experience in the first season but the character and actor have soared after he’s been freed of his home prison.

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In entirety, the whole series plays as if everyone involved is out of ideas or energy to give. The first five episodes were a little draggy, with fourth episode was mostly standalone (an interesting one though). The final three episodes certainly kick things into high gear, and the story actually becomes a bit more engaging and interesting to get into. Even still, it was just too much in too little time/episodes. Three episodes is not nearly enough time for Sabrina to become a savior, lose her powers, start the apocalypse, and then come face-to-face and defeat Lucifer Morningstar – the eternal ruler of hell.

Truly, Part 2 proved time and again that we should never even try to predict what this show is going to throw at us. Now that it has been renewed for a third season, we hope to witness a better and mind-blowing revelation to this chilling adventures of Sabrina.

Written by: Priscilla G

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