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“Cocaine Bear”; Don’t Do Drugs, Kids!

today23 February 2023


Bears? On coke? “Who would’ve thought?” you might think. Then you would be tickled to know that it’s based on a true story (with exaggerations and dramatisation, of course)!

A dark comedy for the ages, Cocaine Bear opens with a prologue featuring a couple enjoying the beauty of nature and calling themselves “lucky” when they manage to come across a bear from a distance. The film shows its cards pretty soon when the couple’s luck takes a devastating (darkly hilarious) turn when they get attacked and mauled by the bear.

Image via Universal Pictures

The ride picks up when more wacky characters are introduced, exhibiting hilarious and unpredictable behavior which almost rivals intoxicated bears. Director Elizabeth Banks, whom you may recognise as Effie Trinket from The Hunger Games franchise, does not hold back from the absurdity of the circumstances faced by the characters. She has also exhibited her directing chops with the success of Pitch Perfect 2. 

In the cast lineup, Christian Convery stands out as Henry, a little boy who is also on the run from the intoxicated bears but sometimes acts beyond his years during the most unexpected scenes. Also featured in the movie are hilarious drug dealers who are displeased about losing their millions-worth asset. 

Image via Universal Pictures

With witty dialogues, tight pacing and out-of-the-box shenanigans, this movie takes the audience on an entertaining ride sponsored by adorable, drug-addled bears. While it doesn’t have any deep messages to boast about (aside from being a subtle anti-drugs campaign ad) but boy, does it deliver the laughs and chuckles! 

Watch the trailer below and book your tickets!

*Cover image via Universal Pictures

Written by: Farah Qistina