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SPM Student With Crohn’s Disease Powers Through Exams From Hospital Bed In Pursuit Of Dream Career

today23 February 2023


source: Berger

With the results of last year’s ACCA and other major exam results coming out, it appears that Malaysians now have fresh inspirations to look up to, especially from an academic stance.

Another one of them would be 18-year-old Nur Eiffa Hazeeqa Mohd Hafiz, who is set to sit for SPM from her hospital bed where she has been admitted for Crohn’s disease.

source: Harian Metro

Eiffa’s mother revealed that her eldest daughter has had cardiac issues ever since birth, alongside additional illnesses including Crohn’s disease. She also explained that Eiffa has undergone four surgeries from the time she was nine months old up to this year.

“My daughter has had to visit the hospital repeatedly for treatment, yet she persisted in studying for the SPM exam,” she said.

Because of her unsatisfactory state of health, they encouraged her to take the SPM the following year. Eiffa, however, is determined to take the test…

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Written by: Lara Kramer

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