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Cockroach Found Inside Tealive Drink, German Or American? Founder Bryan Loo Responds

today12 October 2021


Source: Viral Cham

β€œWhat’s worse than finding a worm in your apple?” A cockroach in your boba. Lipas terlepas dalam Tealive.. Tealipas?Β 

A Tealive customer had an unfortunate encounter with this nuisance of a bug in his drink and posted about it on Facebook.

Source: Hype MY

As the post states, the netizen strolled into one of the Tealive stalls in Bukit Jalil at around 7pm.

I doubt this was what he had in mind when he was looking for a refreshing drink. He had almost finished his boba when he realised there was a creepy crawly creature at the very bottom of the plastic cup, dead.

Of course, the post went viral and Tealive founder Bryan Loo opened an investigation on this. According to Hype, he mentioned in an interview that the company’s customer service has already contacted the victim.

Source: Generation T

At the time, the victim stated they were in good health and promised to contact the company again. However, the victim did not follow…

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Written by: Quinny Tan

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