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Husband Wants To Divorce Wife Over Her Cockroach Phobia Which Caused Them To Move 17 Times

According to Malay Mail, the wife has an extreme fear for the six-legged insect. After moving over a dozen times due to the wife's request, the husband has had enough of her phobia and is seeking for a divorce.Indian online site OpIndiaΒ reported that the man β€” who is a software engineer β€” only came to know about his wife's fear after they got married in 2017.After they moved in together […]

today16 April 2021

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Man Discovers Cockroach Infestation While Strolling Around Melaka River

The avid photographer said he often takes the same route but he had never seen the cockroaches until his evening "photo walk" on Monday, 29 March."In my opinion, due to the rain, the cockroaches' home floods. So they come up awhile. I think they will go back to their home after a few days."He added that he only realised the cockroaches after seeing two men fishing by the river, with […]

today31 March 2021

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Easy Hack To Get Rid Of Cockroaches In Your Car

Over time, he said despite cleaning, the filth still "became one" with the seats and floor, which attracted a lot of cockroaches.So, one day, he went to a convenience store to buy the repellent, that is actually marketed to kill mosquitoes, for RM7.90.Khushairi said for the spray to work, he sprayed under all his car seatsΒ and closed all the doors overnight, just before going to bed.

today10 February 2021