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Content Creator Advises M’sians To ‘Learn New Things’ To Help With Depression, Gets Flak In Return

today25 June 2021


When you stay at home for a very long time, you’re bound to be affected mentally and physically. Being confined to the same four walls without irl human interaction can take a toll on your health. Many have found themselves depressed as a result.


A local content creator took to Twitter to advise Malaysians on various more fruitful ways they could spend their time in lockdown. Che Nom is a local content creator, popular for her cooking videos with 1.29 million subscribers on YouTube. In her thread, she advised…



“Take the chance from this total lockdown to learn something new, sign up for online classes such as Udemy, Linkedin Learning & Audible. Set objectives, timelines and challenge yourself. Objective, Learning & Challenges is proven to reduce depression.”


Her advice continues in the thread.



“Get enough sleep, if possible exercise outside your house, walking, running & exercise is proven to combat depression as well.”


While it has to be acknowledged that the advice has its merits, her post seems to be ill-timed, as netizens did not take her words all too well. They felt that the content creator lacked empathy and the solutions she provided were inclined to benefit the privileged as many Malaysians out there are struggling to even put food on their table, let alone have time to learn new skills.





It was reported by the New Straits Times last year that almost 500,000 Malaysians face depression, with nearly 500 cases of suicide attempts.


Che Nom’s words of advice come from a good place, and in the same way that we’re given the freedom to curate the content we choose to see, it’s easy enough to let things that don’t resonate with us, go. After all, her words may be comforting and motivational to some and at a time when it is easy to get caught up in all the bad, every little bit of good counts.


*Cover Image Credits: Che Nom

Written by: Mifzal Malik

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