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Customers Get All-You-Can-Eat Hot Pot During 3-Day Lockdown In Shopping Mall From One Covid Case

today23 March 2022


Covid-19: Woman in China locked in hotpot restaurant for three days after earlier patron tested positive (VIDEO) | Life | Malay Mail

The Covid-19 pandemic isn’t going away anytime soon judging from its spread around the world.

China’s approach has always been quite strict and when a new case is detected, they would immediately close down places that the infected person has visited, even if there are people inside.

On 18 March, a woman named Wang was having dinner with 4 other friends at a hotpot restaurant after their work at about 10.30pm, according to a Wu Tong video.

3 of those friends left when they finished their meal while Wang stayed back with another friend to catch up with them after not seeing them for awhile. That was her first mistake…

After chatting for more than 20 minutes, they paid the bill and went downstairs to exit the building.

However, they were stopped from doing so because they were told a new case was just…

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Written by: Quinny Tan