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Dato’ Seri Vida Says That Daughter’s Boba Business Was Struck By Black Magic, Ustaz Confirms It

today19 July 2022


Image via India Today for illustration purposes only.

Jealousy is dangerous thing, and oftentimes the object of one’s envy faces some sort of unrest due to these repressed emotions…

Cosmetic tycoon Dato’ Seri Vida claimed on Friday (July 15) via a YouTube video that her daughter, who runs a bubble tea business called Cik B Boba Lova, has been suffering unexplained losses and strange occurrences relating to her business.

She also alleged that these unwanted developments were the aftermath of a third person’s envy towards the shop’s initial success, which resulted in them dabbling in black magic to curse the business.

Vida stated that several people couldn’t even see or locate the shop, and some even contended that it was always closed. These were the factors that reinforced her apprehensions, as the…

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Written by: Lara Lee