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DHL Plane Splits In Two During Emergency Landing, 8500 Passengers Affected By Airport Closure

today8 April 2022


Aerial View of DHL Crash : r/aviation

Hold off on your next online purchase, folks. Looks like some packages went for a wild ride.

A DHL cargo plane carrying mail and packages skidded off the runway and broke in two during an emergency landing in Costa Rica on Thursday (Apr 8), causing the temporary closure of the international airport in San Jose.

Smoke was billowing from the bright yellow plane of German logistics giant DHL as it ground to a halt, having slid off the runway when it spun and broke up around the rear wheels.

Boeing-757 DHL Cargo Plane Crashes At San Jose Airport - San Jose Airport o Plane Crash - YouTube

Images showed the plane being doused with fire extinguishers on a grassy field next to a runway. The tail had detached and a wing had broken off.

The crew reported hydraulic problems with the 22-year-old aircraft after takeoff and made an emergency landing, according to a statement from DHL.

The two pilots escaped without serious injury and the company has launched an investigation.

Check out the video…

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Written by: Quinny Tan