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Cleaning Work Along The NSE Leads To Discovery Of Car Crash Victim After 10 Months

ACP Ismail said that a preliminary investigation found that the car's position was somewhat sheltered behind a slope covered in bushes, due to which the accident had gone unnoticed so far.Authorities are now working to identify the victim through the owner of the vehicle who has been identified and at the same time investigate the missing person reports lodged in June last year.In the meantime, the skull was sent to […]

today20 February 2021

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Sriwijaya Air Flight 182 Crashes Into Sea Minutes After Taking Off From Jakarta

The New York Times reported that the Indonesian National Search and Rescue Agency had found pieces of debris in waters just northwest of Jakarta that it believed may be from the plane's wreckage.The area where the debris was found is known as the Thousand Islands.According to BBC, several witnesses said they had seen and heard at least one explosion."The plane fell like lightning into the sea and exploded in the […]

today10 January 2021

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[PHOTOS] Man Survives Freak Accident After Swerving Into Huge Ditch Near Subang Airport

Covered in mud, he was forced to walk at least 300 metres before he spotted personnel at the Malaysia Airport Bhd (MAB) auxiliary police post, according to ACP Nik Ezanee."The victim succeeded in getting out of the vehicle through the window at the driver's seat and walked for about 300 metres from the spot to get help at the MAB auxiliary police post," he said today, 11 December.The auxiliary police […]

today11 December 2020