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Done Watching “Start-Up”? This New K-Drama Will Have You “Lovestruck” Because…

today25 December 2020


Coming to small screens near you is the new K-Drama ‘Lovestruck in the City’! With the many different K-Dramas already available on streaming sites, what makes ‘Lovestruck in the City’ different? Welllll, we can name 5!


1. If you’re young, living in the city and have experienced/are experiencing love – this one’s for you!

Based on its premise of centring on young people experiencing love in the city, the series aims to be as realistic and relatable as possible. Director Park Shin-woo shared:


“I hope that viewers can see their relationships, past or present, in the three relationships. I think they’ll be able to find a similar boyfriend amongst these characters as well as themselves amongst the characters.”


While the six main characters are all different, you’ll definitely be able to discover relatable aspects.



2. Out of this world casting!


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Directed by Park Shin-woo of ‘It’s Okay to Not Be Okay’ and ‘Don’t Dare to Dream’, the series is guaranteed to breathe life into characters that are easy to fall in love with and follow. It’s also written by Jung Hyun-jung who wrote ‘Romance Is a Bonus Book’ and the ‘I Need Romance’ series. Let’s not forget the stellar cast! Set to star in ‘Lovestruck in the City’ are:


• Ji Chang-wook (‘Healer’, ‘THe K2’)

• Kim Ji -won (‘The Heirs’, ‘Descendants of the Sun’)

• Kim Min-seok (‘Descendants of the Sun’, ‘Doctors’, ‘Shut Up! Flower Boy Band’)

• So Joo-yeon (‘Dr. Romantic 2’)

• Han Ji-eun (‘Entourage’, ‘100 Days My Prince’)

• Ryu Gyeong-soo (‘Itaewon Class’)


Kim Ji-won and Han Ji-eun both choose director Park Shin-woo as well as writer Jung Hyung-jung as the reason they decided to work on “Lovestruck”.



3.  The actors’ on-screen chemistry is real!

With some of the cast having previously worked with each other in other productions, the casts preexisting bond made working together a breeze! Actor Kim Min-seok said of his relationship with his on-screen cousin, Ji Chang-wook:


“Ji Chang-wook and I are close in real life, so it was easier to show our bro chemistry.”


On top of that, the cast went above and beyond to ensure that their bonds were as real in real life as it was on screen. Actress So Joo-yeon mentioned that she and Kim Min-seok would often call each other to improve their relationship and pull off the chemistry between their characters, who are in a long term relationship.



4. You can expect a different type of storytelling!


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Actor Kim Min Seok said of the K-drama:


“There are interviews in the drama so it feels almost like a docu-drama. It was really fun and unconventional. I think our drama is very unique.”


Director Park Shin-woo explained that he had taken a different approach to directing this series, sharing that he tried to be more like a variety show director. Through individual interviews, viewers will be able to gain insight into the different perspectives and insights of each character. Kim Ji-won (who plays Lee Eun-oh, a freelance marketer who adopts an alternate identity as the free-spirited ‘Yoon Sun-ah’) said:


“I think that it’s interesting how these very different characters get tangled up in each other and the stories that unfold as a result. I think that lots of people will be able to relate to the different characters and stories. I also really liked the ‘interview’ format, since it felt like we were really communicating with the audience.”


5. Bite-sized episodes = easy to binge!



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‘Lovestruck in the City’ only runs for 30-minutes per episode (unlike most K-dramas). While the episodes are shorter, director Park Shin-woo assures audiences that it won’t affect their consumption of the film, with Kim Ji-won iterating:


“Since it’s a shorter drama, I felt like it was more addictive.”




Interesting, isn’t it? ‘Lovestruck in the City’ is scheduled to air new episodes every Tuesday and Friday, so don’t worry about having to wait too long in between episodes!


*Cover image credits: Netflix

Written by: Marissa Anne

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