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Facebook Bomoh Scams RM31,451 From Woman Who Has Health & Boyfriend Problems

today29 April 2022


(source: TRP)

Most services have moved their base online and it seems like β€œwitchcraft” won’t be left behind either.

According to NST, a woman in Sarawak was scammed of RM31,451 by an β€˜online’ bomoh that she found through Facebook. The man known as Ustaz Mangkubono claimed that he could cure her sickness and help resolve problems with her boyfriend.

Mukah District Police Chief Deputy Superintendent said the 38-year-old nanny befriended the Indonesian bomoh on 24 April.

He said after getting to know each other, the victim shared her problems with the man in that she was suffering from seizures, depression and had problems with her boyfriend.

β€œThe man explained the ritual to cure a disease, which the victim believed. After the victim was convinced by the suspect regarding the method and effectiveness of the medicine, the suspect said he needed financial capital to buy ritual necessities,” he said in a statement,…

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Written by: Karissa Lund

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