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Scam Victim In Kuantan Withdraws RM418,400 From Mother’s Account For ‘Lover’ In France

Pahang Commercial Crime Investigation Department chief Supt Mohd Wazir Mohd Yusof told Bernama, "The victim claimed to have exchanged phone numbers as well as given her bank account number to the man because he intended to send gifts, including cash, to symbolise his love for her. He followed up with a photograph of a cheque via a messaging application.""The woman then received an email claiming that she would receive RM89,700 […]

today4 March 2021

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[VIDEO] “Bagus Idea Ni” – Scam Anak Datang Minta Jajan, Netizen Puji Kebijaksanaan Si Bapa

Menerusi video tersebut, kelihatan dua beranak itu sedang berada di atas sofa sambil si ayah makan keropok.Si anak kemudian dilihat menuju ke arah ayahnya kerana mahukan juga keropok yang dimakan. Disebabkan itu, ayahnya memberikan juga keropok tersebut kepada anaknya.Namun, tanpa disangka rupanya disebalik dalam keropok tersebut terdapat makanan bayi yang memang khas untuk anaknya. Selepas diberi makanan itu, si anak kelihatan gembira tanpa mengetahui bahawa jajan tersebut memang... Click here […]

today1 March 2021

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Man Warns Of Fake Maybank2u Website

As anyone would, he pulled out his laptop, typed 'Maybank' into Google, and clicked on the first search result without thinking twice.Unfortunately, that was his mistakeΒ - he had not realised that the website he clicked into was a phishing website.However, at first look, the landing page looked exactly the same as the original website's, complete with the same background picture, fonts, wording, and login bar.Unsuspectingly,Β he typed in his username and […]

today3 February 2021