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Fahmi Reza’s Jerebu Mural Gets Covered With Grey Paint After 3 Days Of Viral Vandalism

today8 September 2022


Source: @kuasasiswa on Twitter

In the past 2 years since Covid-19 took over the world, we’ve only barely noticed the lack of haze in the sky. I suppose everyone was too busy staying inside to openly burn their trash anymore.

Recently, local political graphic designer Fahmi Reza took to the streets and painted a mural indicating a haze warning.

The mural in question states “CAUTION: JEREBU IS COMING BACK” painted on a black and yellow background in typical warning sign fashion, and takes up a corner in a busy intersection placed in the local CBD. It’s hard to miss for sure.

Apparently, the mural sends a message targeted at Malaysian-owned organisations that are currently based in Indonesia who are allegedly part taking in open burning, which we all know is the source of our annual haze season.

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Written by: Quinny Tan