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TikTokers Think The ‘Minion Makeup’ Trend May Be Emotionally Scarring Kids… But Some Say It’s NBD

today8 September 2022


source: Screen Daily

As of late, numerous parents have been jumping on the bandwagon of TikTok trends entailing pranks directed at their kids. The clips, usually depicting the children being upset or bursting into tears at some point, are quick to gain traction online.

Nevertheless, some viewers are expressing concern towards the after-effects of these acts on the young kids, as well as the parents’ willingness to garner views and go viral at the expense of their childrens’ feelings.

@angela.holm I feel so bad 😂 #minionsong #minions #minionsriseofgru ♬ Minion_lovers – Matthew Pena

Watch here if the video doesn’t load.

A recent trend that has surfaced is the “Minion makeover”, whereby parents trick their kids into getting their faces painted to resemble the cartoon or film character of their choice, only to be left looking like Minions, with yellow skin and thick, wide-framed glasses.


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Written by: Lara Lee