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Adele’s Transformation: Personal Trainer Shares 3 Simple Steps For Weight Loss

The most important thing to remember on any fitness journey is not to rush the process



Remember back on her 32nd birthday when Adele broke the internet when she shared a first photo of herself in 2020? Having lost a reported 98 pounds over the past few years, the singer received plenty of attention for her look, with countless celebrity friends commenting their approval including Rita Ora and Chrissy Teigen. While the photo prompted online debate both for and against the conversation around her weight loss, one person who has defended Adele’s slimming down is her former personal trainer Pete Geracimo.

The London-based fit trainer worked with Adele for four years as she began her fitness journey, until she moved to Los Angeles back in 2016. And according to Pete, here are 3 vital steps to remember if you are in the journey of weight loss. 

My main advice is to be fully committed to the whole process and above all else to be patient

Pete Geracimo, 48, says the most important thing to remember on any fitness journey is not to rush the process. “My main piece of advice to anyone wanting to make healthy changes to themselves is to be fully committed to the whole process and above all else to be patient.” He then added, “All that is required is belief in yourself that you can do it, consistency in your actions, and discipline in your routine’’. 

Next, Pete is a firm believer that working out and getting healthier should be enjoyable. There has to be an element of fun in exercise, which is why his training sessions are “full of laughs” as well as being serious workouts. “I believe exercise selection must adapt to suit the person and not the other way around. There is no sense in forcing someone to do something if there is no joy in it — that’s torture.”

There has to be an element of fun in exercise, which is why his training sessions are “full of laughs”

Last but not least, according to Pete you should always find a consistent time, (let’s say 2 or 3 times a week) to exercise regularly. He also pressed that you should vary your workout routine not stick to one move only. “Training sessions always varied from bodyweight and resistance-band work to weight training and boxing,” he said. “I would also throw in cardio challenges just to keep her (Adele) on her toes.”

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Tips for More Consistent Training Consistency is one of the terms I use very regularly when people ask me how they can make healthy changes to their physical wellbeing. Without it, you are like a car suck in the mud spinning it’s wheels… your progress will be going NOWHERE! Here are some items to think about to help you stay consist with your training and get you over the finish line to achieving your goals. 1. Pick a time to train and stick to it. By creating a daily routine where you train at the same time each day, it will be habit-forming long term and without even thinking about it, your training routine will be second nature. 2. Follow a program. Structure is very important for making progress in your training. Leads to routine and habit formation keeping your momentum going to getting your workouts completed. 3. Acknowledge every win no matter how big or small. Small goals are progress builders as they keep the momentum & motivation going. Avoid making unrealistic goals that may stall this. 4. Stop over-thinking your training program. If you are searching for the ultimate training program, you are NEVER going to find it! Program development is more trial and error. Expose yourself to many styles of training to see which one works best for you. The main thing is to create a plan, stick to it and do it! 5. Do not be so hard on yourself. Life is unpredictable and if we miss a day or two of training, your training program is not ruined. Consistency is about getting the job done MOST of the time. You have to allow for little interruptions because that’s life! 6. The show must go on! There are going to be days when our motivation and energy to train are waning. The secret is, any workout is better then the workout you didn’t do. The positive is you will be reinforcing good habits and routine by showing you to train and keeping to the schedule. #consistency #workouts #training #accountability #routine #personaltrainer #homeworkout #mindfulness #momentum #focus #goalsetting #bodytransformation #gains #program #fitness #positivity #mindset #motivation #healthyliving #discipline #results #determination #muscle #strong #strength #fit #

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A few days after Adele posted the birthday photo of herself and the storm around her weight loss erupted, Geracimo wrote a long message on Instagram in defense of his former client, saying it was “disheartening” to read so much negativity. He told Insider he “felt compelled” to remind people that “no one should be criticized for achieving their goals.”

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