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After Trolls Slanderously Labelled Her “Barren”, Local Actress Gets Support From Raja Permaisuri Agong

today1 July 2021


Not too long ago, actress Siti Elizad took to her social media accounts to call out a troll who said she was “barren”, while another seemed to imply that she hasn’t had kids because she “tak solat tak tutup aurat (doesn’t pray and doesn’t cover her aurat)”. Following that, it is understood that Siti Elizad has taken action to report the matter to the police.


Most recently, in a silver lining to this story, the actress shared a “special moment” when she received a call from the Raja Permaisuri Agong herself, Tunku Azizah Aminah Maimunah Iskandariah. In her caption, Siti Elizah shared that she was moved when Tunku Azizah herself called her to check in with her after the malicious incident.


“Today is a very happy day. I received a phone call from HRH Tuanku Permaisuri Azizah. ❤️ She asked about my condition after reading a story that said I was ‘barren’. It really touch [sic] my heart with this beautiful call Tuanku. Overwhelmed, shocked, all these emotions. It was like a dream, to be able to talk to Tuanku Permaisuri whom I myself have idolised during my IVF journey. Indeed, Tuanku Permaisuri was very attentive to my story, ??”



At the same time, Siti Elizad said Tunku Azizah also gave her words of encouragement and shared her own experience with conceiving.


“Tuanku gave me words of encouragement, she told me about her own experience with IVF, having gone through the procedure 17 times. It really hurts. Only those who experience it can feel it. There are no words I can describe how happy I am to have been able to talk to the Queen that everyone loves. [She’s] really motherly.”


Siti Elizad also went on to stress that, in sharing her IVF journey on Instagram, she is hoping to raise awareness and support for the women who are going through a similar journey.


*Original article by Amat. Read the full story (in BM) here.

*Cover image credits: @istana_negara / @elizadsharifuddin


Writers note: The stigma against women and conception has been around for decades. It’s 2021: there is no need to shame women who are (already having a tough time) conceiving. Research and advancement in the medical field have proven that difficulties in conception can be caused by many, many factors – often, these factors are beyond our control. Her Royal Highness’s show of support is lovely and should be emulated. Not only do we love to see a Malaysian support another, we see the importance of solidarity, of showing that you care. Everyone’s journey is different, but there is so much power in positive words and actions.


Written by: Marissa Anne

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