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BLACKPINK Rosé Announces MV Release Date For ‘Gone’

today1 April 2021


After a long wait – two years to be exact – BLACKPINK’s Rosé has released her debut solo album “-R-“. The album, containing the title track ‘On The Ground’ and the B-side, ‘Gone’, see Roseanne Park’s soulful charm encompassed in songs. Credited as a writer on both English tracks, the songs touch on finding out that everything she’d wanted, she’d already had within her as well as the pain of lost love, respectively. And if her various TV show appearances and the launch of her own Youtube channel weren’t enough, Rosé has even more up her sleeve! At a recent fan meet, the singer revealed that she would, in fact, be releasing a music video for the B-side track, ‘Gone’.


“I don’t know if I’m allowed to tell you that but I’ll have to gift it to you guys since you guys have been waiting so [patiently].”


Later, during an Instagram Live session, Rosé responded to a fan question about the music video drop for ‘Gone’ with:


“Release of ‘GONE,’ when? Mm, that’s a secret; I’m not going to tell you. But very, very soon.”


And just last night, Rosé has confirmed that the music video will be released on April 5, with a fiery teaser image!



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A post shared by ROSÉ (@roses_are_rosie)


YASSSS!!!! *ahem* Sorry, I’m calm now.

The singer recently trolled fans with a dramatic TikTok captioned, “Here’s your #GONE MV ?”, which sees her ‘merajuk-ing’ in various parts of a hallway before ending with her dramaticly dabbing away tears with her tie.



@roses_are_rosieHere’s your ##GONE MV ?♬ Gone – 로제 (ROSÉ)


How adorable is Rosie Posie?!?! Sorry, NOW I’m calm.


Despite some fans expressing disappointment over her debut album (say what???),  Rosé has hit some MAJOR milestones.



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A post shared by ROSÉ (@roses_are_rosie)


One of the biggest records that Rosé has broken with her long-awaited solo debut has to do with the amazing number of views that the music video ‘On The Ground’ managed to rack up within the first 24 hours of its release on Youtube. In 24 hours, ‘On The Ground’ amassed over 39 million views on YouTube. This breaks the eight-year record held by another K-Pop soloist, PSY, for his 2013 hit ‘Gentleman’, which had 36 million views.



Who else is ready for the music video for ‘Gone’ to break even more records for the 24-year-old New Zealand born K-Pop singer?


*Cover image credits: Rosé, YouTube 

Written by: Marissa Anne

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today1 April 2021

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