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Bryce Hall Deletes Instagram Pictures With Addison Rae Amid Breakup Rumours On TikTok

Deleting your pictures with your SO on Insta can only mean one thing, and that it’s officially over!



 TikTok has given us numerous entertaining content, and it has also given us tons of teen drama along the way. These stars have the app to thank for their insanely newfound fame and money. Speaking of TikTok teen dramas, anyone who’s on the social media app would know the existence of  Braddison!

Cheating scandals and breakup rumours have been the talk of the town at the moment that have sent fans spiraling lately as they try to figure out what has been going on between Bryce Hall and Addison Rae. Previously, the pair hit a rough patch earlier this month and now, it seems like Bryce may be erasing the existence of Addison from his social media!

Check the post down below:

Fans noticed recently that Bryce removed at least one photo of Addison from his Instagram, though he did keep others, much older ones though. We’ve all been there, having to erase pictures of our SO on social media, and if there are plenty of them it can get tiring, he must have given up deleting?

Fans of both socialites also may have found information of cheating actions between the couple. Samantha Salvador, aka Saiviantha, one of the girls Bryce was rumored to have hooked up with, however, she denied anything happened between her and Bryce and even said Bryce “acted like he had a girlfriend” the entire time she was with him. Despite that, Addison and Bryce haven’t been seen together in public since these allegations began circulating, nor have they posted about each other on their respective social media. For a couple who post pictures every 30s to not post, all of a sudden seems a little fishy…

It’s unclear exactly what’s going on between Bryce and Addison, but knowing the internet sleuths, we will get an update soon.

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