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BTS’s Jin Opens Up About How Not Being Able To Tour In The Pandemic Affects Him

“I was feeling very down deep in the abyss…”



BTS have expressed their disappointment on not being able to meet their beloved ARMYs on tour in this pandemic, but perhaps everything happens for a reason. Still, it’s hard not to get a little down sometimes. When asked if he felt the pain of not being on tour, Jin revealed that,


“It’s not just me. The other members really felt that as well.”


He went on to explain that the members shared “a sense of loss, a sense of powerlessness” when they were unable to meet ARMYs at concerts last year. In fact, Jin also admitted that it took BTS quite some time to shake off the blues.



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In December 2020, he released a new solo song to commemorate his birthday titled ‘Abyss’. Jin explained that the title of the song reflects his “sad and down” feelings over the course of the pandemic.


“I was feeling very down deep in the abyss when I was writing the lyrics,” he shared, before delving deeper into the process of recording as well as singing the songs to help him cope with his state of mind.



However, eager not to dwell only on the negative side of things, the 28-year-old idol also talked about how being off the road over the past year had some advantages.


“When we were on tour,” he began, “There wasn’t time to reflect on myself and figure out what gives me joy, what makes me relax.”


Seeing as how the band performed over 30 ‘Love Yourself’ concerts in 2019, on top of other stage events and appearances, it’s no wonder that he didn’t have much downtime to grow and get in touch with himself.


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He said that being off-tour during the pandemic gave him a chance to finally reflect on “what I want and who I am.” We hope that the rest of BTS also get to use this time to relax as well. Heaven knows how hard they have been working!


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