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BTS, Seventeen, Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato And More Celebrate Together

today7 April 2021


Just in case you haven’t been keeping track, K-Pop Agency HYBE has recently bought Ithica Holdings, owned by Scooter Braun. 


Some of the artists attached under HYBE are BTS, TXT, and Seventeen while artists under Ithica include Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande, and J Balvin.


Jazmine Media


Recently, HYBE x Ithica Holdings has released a video in conjunction with their collaborative partnership together. It was also announced earlier this month that HYBE’s subsidiary Big Hit America had acquired a 100 percent stake in Ithaca Holdings. 



Some of HYBE Labels’ divisions include Big Hit Music, BE:LIFT, Source Music, Pledis Entertainment, KOZ Entertainment, and X. HYBE Solutions division on the other hand include HYBE 360 (content production), HYBE IP (merchandise), HYBE EDU (educational content) as well as superb (mobile games). Weverse Company is also covered by HYBE Platform. 


The video includes a heart-warming message from HYBE CEO and chairman Bang Si Hyuk as he welcomes Ithaca Holdings as a part of their ecosystem. 



He was quoted as saying,


“The inevitable joining of HYBE and Ithaca Holdings marks the start of a new adventure no one could have possibly imagined. The two companies will work closely together leveraging our proven track records of success, know-how, and expertise to create synergy, transcend borders and break down cultural barriers. Please look forward to the endless possibilities of HYBE and Ithaca Holdings, and the new paradigm the partnership will establish in the music industry.”


Braun added that,


“This will be the first time HYBE’s groundbreaking systems and curation will be integrated in the U.S. market at the onset of an artist’s career. Plus, it will help us to continue to further the careers of the artists we already work with. Global opportunities for artists become exponential with this partnership. This is an opportunity for us to make history and further innovate the music industry and revolutionize the game itself. Its implications for the business will be monumental for a long time to come. I am incredibly grateful for Chairman Bang’s friendship and his willingness to support the creative journey of an artist.”


We look forward to seeing this new merger take the music world by storm!


*Cover image via Variety 

Written by: Farah Qistina

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