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Comedian Chris Rock Feels That ‘Cancel Culture’ Is Disrespectful To Artists & Fans

today18 May 2021


He may have a point.

Chris Rock is an iconic, legendary comedian in the arts industry. He has dedicated his entire life to the field. Sharing a conversation with The Breakfast Club, Chris explained to the hosts that the concept of “cancel culture” can limit the areas surrounding what makes him a star.

“It’s weird when you’re a comedian because when your audience doesn’t laugh, we get the message. Like you don’t have to cancel us. … They’re not laughing,” Chris said around the interview’s 12-minute mark. “Our feelings hurt. … I don’t understand why people feel the need to go beyond that.”



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As comedians have close connections with their fans/audience, Chris feels that the idea of an outside source teaching the people in the audience how they should feel is disrespectful.

“Honestly to me, it’s people disrespecting the audience,” he continued. “What happens is everybody gets safe and nobody tries anything. Things get boring. I see a lot of unfunny comedians, unfunny TV shows, unfunny movies because people are scared to make a move and that’s not a good place to be. We should have the right to fail because failure is a part of art. It’s the ultimate cancel.”



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Contrary to how comedians are often viewed by critics, Chris has been improving his jokes as he’s actually quite anxious to make a return to the big stage. He thinks his voice, and those similar, are necessary to help people understand what has happened over the past year.

“I’m trying to get my act together so I can go on tour next year and really sum up everything that’s happened in the last year and a half,” he said.

You can listen to the whole conversation on The Breakfast Club here:



So clearly Chris feels that cancel culture is ridiculous. What do you think?

*Cover Image Credits: Getty/ Matt Winkelmeyer

Written by: Mifzal Malik

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