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Ebit Lew To The Rescue! This Time Giving Shelter To Homeless Senior Citizen & Woman With Disabilities

today20 May 2021


He did the double this time!

Entrepreneur Ebit Lew has once again come to the rescue for needy Malaysians by providing a roof for a homeless senior citizen and a woman with disabilities.

Starting off with the homeless senior citizen, Ebit Lew shared through his Facebook the details regarding his encounter with Loh Ah Cheng, who had made a large construction pipe in Taman Selayang Jaya, Batu Caves his home.


Sedih sayu sangat rasa jumpa uncle Loh Ah Cheng di Taman Selayang Jaya. Lebih 6 bulan duduk disini. Kemalangan hilang…

Posted by Ebit Lew onΒ Tuesday, May 18, 2021


According to Ebit Lew, Ah Cheng had bad knees and had trouble walking. To add to his problems, he lost his job and could not pay rent for a home.

The uncle was in tears as Ebit Lew came.

“You are an Ustaz that doesn’t even know me but you are helping me. I am embarassed…”

Ebit Lew then asked Ah Cheng to follow him to buy clothes and other necessities. At first, he politely rejected, but the entrepreneur insisted.

β€œGive me a chance to do good today,” Ebit Lew wrote.

The both of them then went to the Parkson Selayang Mall to purchase some fresh clothes for Ah Cheng whose appearance wasn’t relatively A1 after 6 months of not having an actual home.

Aside from clothes, Ebit Lew also bought him a new walking stick and took him to the barbershop for a fresh cut, where the entrepreneur also had himself a fix. With the situation between Ebit Lew and Ah Cheng, the barber himself decided that the cut would be on the house.


Photo via Facebook/Ebit Lew


After taking Ah Cheng to his new house that he pledged to pay for at RM700 a month, Ah Cheng couldn’t help containing his tears as Ebit Lew’s assistance was overwhelming.

In another case, Ebit Lew also extended his assistance to a woman with disabilities named Sarah Kalaivani Pupalan. Aged 32, Sarah is a female with personality disorder and rheumatoid arthritis.


Sedih sayu sepanjang hari ni. Bantu seorang Indian Sarah Kalaivani a/p Pupalan 32 tahun. Memiliki kad oku. Beragama…

Posted by Ebit Lew onΒ Monday, May 17, 2021


Β Sarah used to do administration work and part-time modeling before her health went south. She has tried to get a low-cost home but has been consistently rejected and has been hopping from place to place searching high and low for a roof to call home.

Ebit Lew assisted in getting her a rental room so she would have a safe place to stay.

β€œ(Sarah) is currently looking for admin work or jobs where she can work from home…”


Photo via Facebook/Ebit Lew


Looking at Sarah’s certificates and resume, he hopes she can get a job urgently.

*Cover Image Credits: Facebook Ebit Lew

Written by: Mifzal Malik

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