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“Cut the unnecessary s*** out,” Yuna Has An IMPORTANT Message For 2021

Preach sister!



Now that we’ve said goodbye to 2020 – which turned out to be a whole rollercoaster of a year – what do you plan on doing differently? Well, Malaysian singer Yuna has some words of advice for us as we step into 2021. Yuna, born Yunalis binti Mat Zara’ai, has always been vocal about the importance of self-love and self-acceptance – and she wants people to start 2021 on the right foot.



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A post shared by Y U N A (@yuna)


The ‘Crush’ hitmaker shared that she planned on purging her Instagram account of users who would noticeably edit their looks.


“I decided to unfollow accounts that continuously heavily edit their features, either digitally or IRL- creating unnatural unreachable beauty standards to sell products and just making more and more people out there feel like crap about their own unique natural beauty. I always thought well that’s normal, I shouldn’t be hater and I even tried these apps recommended to me, but I can’t pretend I’m okay with it anymore.”


What exactly triggered her decision? The Kedah-born artist shared that she’d stumbled across a video of a 15-year-old who was “begging to get cosmetic surgery done” to get a “smaller nose” in order to achieve what he/she thought was more attractive. Yuna lamented the fact, noting that this kind of perception would be toxic for the younger generation.


“I think it’s time we all just follow people who have substance who can enrich and touch our lives with their fun personality, who show genuine self-love & living their lives doing or making something useful while being their unique beautiful self. I think we’re producing individuals promoting too many unrealistic beauty standards and not enough brains. Like any toxic relationships or environment if you feel like these accounts you follow are forcing you to cave into self-loathe instead of self-love, honey it’s time to bounce. Remember you are what you consume. So let’s cut the unnecessary sh*t out ✂️ and focus on YOU ❤️”




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A post shared by Y U N A (@yuna)


Not one to linger on the past, the inspiring 34-year-old went on to share:


“2020 was what it was. I learned a lot this year and I think you did too, and I hope it will elevate us to do better. Happy new year everyone here’s to a achieving a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle in 2021✨,”


Here’s to making the most out of 2021!


*Cover image credits: Instagram / @yuna for @grumpymagazine

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