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Dave Bautista Dropped ‘Suicide Squad’ For This…

today7 May 2021




Dave Bautista has revealed the real reason why he dropped James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad.


Previously it was reported that scheduling conflicts stood in the way of joining James Gunn’s cast. But now, Dave has revealed why he chose to star in Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead over reuniting with the Guardian’s of the Galaxy director.



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“I get to build a relationship with Netflix, I get a lead role in a great film — and I get paid a lot more money,” Bautista informed Digital Spy in an interview. “I had to call James, and I told him, ‘It breaks my heart, because as a friend, I want to be there with you, but professionally, this is the smart decision for me.”



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A post shared by Super Duper Fly (@davebautista)


Bautista continued, “Gunn said, ‘I completely get it. I’m proud of you that you’re even in this position. I’m proud that I had something to do with you being in this position where you have to make these hard decisions.’”


Bautista also revealed to Digital Spy that he believes Drax’s story will come to a conclusion with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. “I don’t think they’re very interested [in a Drax and Mantis film], or it doesn’t fit into the way they have things mapped out,” he continued. “But other than that, no. I mean, as far as my obligations, I’ve got Guardians 3, and that’s probably going to be the end of Drax.”



But if this is the case, Bautista must be thinking about the next move in his career and signing a deal in a film backed by the largest streaming service in the world in Netflix seems like a solid step in the right direction.

The success of Army of the Dead could take him further with Netflix and have Snyder consider him for future projects.

Army of the Dead will release in cinemas on May 14 and be available on Netflix the following week. The Suicide Squad will simultaneously release in cinemas and HBO Max on Aug. 6 while Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is expected to drop in 2023.


So it seems that there will no longer be a Drax after the third installment of Guardians of the Galaxy. We’re sure that saddens many fans, but we gotta be happy for Bautista and his career.

*Cover Image Credit:  Getty Images
Warner Bros

Written by: Mifzal Malik

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