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[EXCLUSIVE] “Now what?”; Datuk Nicol David Details Rise To No.1 & What To Expect From Biopic

today9 June 2021


Since her squash career began in 1992, she’s gone on to become the first squash player to have won the World Junior title twice, an eight-time world champion winner, record nine-time winner of the Asian Squash Championships, seven time Women’s Squash Association Player of the Year winner, and one of the greatest squash players of all time.

And yet, Datuk Nicol Ann David is humble, down-to-earth and approachable in the way that loving older sisters are. This warmth is felt in everything she’s done and everything she’s about to do, with her upcoming biopic, I Am Nicol David confirmed to be in the works. In a sit down with Fly FM’s RD, Ili & BK, the Penang native discussed how the biopic came about, her plans for it and what she hopes fans will take away from the project.


1. How did this project come to life? 

My manager (Mariana De Reyes) and I really came together and looked at a few different options of different productions, teams. I had another project come along and ACE Pictures Entertainment came in to do something and we brought the matter forward, like, “Would you like to do a movie…?” and they were like, “YAH!”. So that’s how it all began and now, here we are talking about it and I’m so, so excited that this is becoming a reality. I never thought it was going to be a biopic but it’s now come to this point so *heh* very, very overwhelmed at first, but now it’s slowly starting to sink in hahaha.

2. How involved will you be in this movie and what will production be like with the ongoing pandemic?

I’m going to be one of the producers; I’ll have a lot of say in it because it’s going to be my story. I will be looking through with the production team to really pin down what we’re going to talk about, how we’re going to put it together and how everything is going to feel and they have to know me. So I’ll have to oversee everything from top to bottom. It’s going to be a while till we start so we’re just making sure that we get all the details together and they’ll go from there next year.

So hopefully by then, everybody will be vaccinated.


3. What’s one past struggle that you’ve faced that you would want portrayed in the biopic?

One part I went through in my career would actually be getting to number one. Being number one was a dream come true and to get there was, ‘Wow, it’s finally happened and I’m 22 years old; it’s all coming together.’ And then, I was really… lost afterwards. Because I’ve reached my goal, you know. You gear up for it and suddenly it’s like, ‘Now what?’. Nobody tells you what to do when you get there and you have to figure it out yourself. I was quite low and losing tournaments and not really getting my footing because I thought I had to be something else. I had people around me who are really good and when this was going on, they reminded me to be myself and the moment I took that onboard – I worked harder; because being world number one isn’t a given. And that’s how I started to build another phase of my career; that was a turning point for me.



Watch the amazing interview for more details and to get a glimpse for what to expect from the biopic:

Written by: Marissa Anne

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