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[EXCLUSIVE] Ed Sheeran Thinks *Malaysian* Bad Habits Are Universal

today29 June 2021


Ed Sheeran, notably known for his bright ginger hair and soothing, melodic voice, has been taking over the charts since he released his debut single “The A Team” ten years ago. Since then, the 30-year-old has been dominating the charts and he’s back with his latest single, “Bad Habits” from his untitled fifth studio album. Fly FM’s RD, Ili & BK had the opportunity to not only have a sit-down with the English singer-songwriter about his new single, but also played rapid-fire questions of Malaysian bad habits that Ed is guilty of!


1. Bad habits are a negative thing that we all strive to get rid of. What’s this song about to you?

I see bad habits kind of like dominos falling. Every bad habit leads to the next one. 


2. This is our very first time seeing you as a vampire in pink! What does this new persona represent?

I was thinking of an idea for the music video and I feel like everyone’s bad habits usually come out at night. I feel like vampires come out at night as well so that was my twist on it. 


3. You teased the lyrics “Nothing Happens AFTER 2” before your release, why is this one line important to you?

I always find that at an after-party, it’s kinda good from about midnight to two (a.m.). After two (a.m.), it’s like 6 a.m. and you’re like, “I’ve just wasted four hours of my life.” Nothing good has happened in these last four hours. From personal experience, nothing happens after two (a.m.).


4. If you could dedicate this song to one person in your life, who would it be?

Probably my group of friends, my group of school friends because we’re all in the same sort of boat there. 


5. What’s the main thing that you want your fans to take away from this song?

That this is not the overall sound of the album and if you like it then great. This is me trying to cover new ground that I haven’t done before. I’ve never made a song that sounds like this, so for me it was important to put this song out. 



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Rapid-fire: How Malaysian Is Ed Sheeran? (Bad Habits “Ed”-tion)!


1. Cutting queue at the grocers?

No, I could never do that here. If I get caught doing anything bad in England, it’s very bad news. 


2. Saying that you’re “on the way” when you haven’t even left the house?

No. My dad was really strict when I was younger. He’s like, “By you wasting someone else’s time, it’s showing that you don’t respect them.” I always arrive 10 minutes early anywhere. That isn’t just a Malaysian thing, I think.


3. Wasting food?

No. Again, my dad was really strict as a kid and I was always taught to have a clean plate at the end. We have a lot of Tupperware tubs. I’ve got loads of them in my house. If we don’t finish a meal, we’ll put it in the tupperware, put it in the fridge and we’ll have it for dinner the next day.


4. Barging into the lift the second the doors open?

No. I get quite claustrophobic so I would always wait for the lift to be empty. So I could get in on my own or with one other person. I don’t really like tight spaces or with lots of people. 


5. Slowing down to stare at car accidents?

I think that’s a universal thing. If anything is outside the norm of your daily routine, you’re gonna get intrigued by it.


You can catch the full interview here!


*Cover image via Asylum 

Written by: Farah Qistina

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