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Halsey Speaks Out For BTS After ”Anti-Asian’’ Comment Made By Radio Hosts

Halsey said, “This is unacceptable. I hope a better apology to BTS, and the Asian communities across the world.”



Yas Kween Halsey is standing up for her friends and collaborators BTS!!!

ICYMI, a radio personality by the name Matthias Matuschik compared the popular septet to the coronavirus after BTS performed a recent cover of Coldplay’s “Fix You.” While Matuschik and his employer Bayern 3 later tried to backpedal and offer an apology for his comments, many BTS fans and other celebs have continued to express their outrage and disappointment over the racist and xenophobic language used.


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One of those stars is Halsey, who took to her Instagram Stories to share her thoughts on the matter.She said, “I am horrified to read the comments made by Matthias Matuschik,” Halsey wrote. “Racism and xenophobia cannot be thinly veiled as ‘on air humor.’ Irresponsible and disgusting statements in a time where hate speech and violent behavior towards Asian communities are skyrocketing. This is unacceptable. I hope a better apology to BTS, and the Asian communities across the world, is on its way.”

Teen Vogue contributor Jae-Ha Kim explained, these recent comments about BTS are part of a larger problem and reflective of an ongoing rise in hate crimes against the Asian community. “There’s an epidemic of hatred towards Asians, fueled by public figures like Matuschik, who almost always claim they didn’t mean it,” Kim wrote, adding: “This one example of racism against an extremely popular Korean group is part of an insidious context, one that has the dual effect of attempting to minimize BTS’s legacy while also laying the groundwork for violent rhetoric and hate crimes against Asian people.”

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