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Having No ‘Mixed Blood’, Netizens Label Fazura As The Most Beautiful Malay Woman

today31 May 2021


Stunning, ain’t she?

Recently, local actress Fazura hosted an Instagram live session for her followers to promote a beauty product that she released. Appearing with a simple T-shirt and black scarf, netizens were impressed with the actress’s beauty.

Even on Twitter, the video of Fazura speaking on Instagram live showed that despite everyone knowing how generally beautiful the actress is, many continued to praise her for her seemingly natural beauty.



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A post shared by Nur Fazura (@missfazura)


Netizens continued to say that Fazura still looks young despite her reaching the age of 37. Some even went on to say that even without ‘mixed blood’, Fazura is the most beautiful Malay woman in Malaysia.



With that being said, netizens also added that Fattah Amin is such a lucky guy to have a wife as beautiful as her.



“I think she’s an artist that doesn’t have mix (blood). The most beautiful pure Malay in Malaysia.”



“Fattah Amin if you’re ungrateful to get a wife this pretty I’m going to ‘fattahfattah‘ your neck.


Would you agree if Fazura was labeled as the most beautiful Malay woman in Malaysia?

*Cover Image Credits: Instagram @missfazura

Written by: Mifzal Malik

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