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“I See Emptiness,” Emotionally Drained SUGA Can’t ‘Raise Arms’ or Perform Alongside BTS Members

today8 January 2021


BTS has had a whirlwind of a year – 2020 saw them top global charts, appear on all the big TV shows in the US and finally receive the (long overdue) recognition they’ve worked so very hard for since their debut in 2013. However, for one member, 2020 was the year that he’d finally fix something that should have been addressed years ago. In November of last year, BTS rapper Suga made the decision to step away from the spotlight and finally get surgery for a shoulder injury that has been plaguing him for years. Now, months later, he’s still coping with complications of both the injury and the recovery post-surgery. The talented songwriter had initially explained that he’d wanted to put off the surgery until after the end of the year (2020) – as, with entertainment industries around the world, the year-end sees multiple award ceremonies, special stages and the like – but was advised against it by his doctors as it would then allow him “to start preparing early for next year’s promotions and activities.” However, the decision has had an unexpected side effect: it’s taken a toll on him emotionally as well as physically.



While fans did see Suga (whose given name is Min Yoon-gi) reunite with RM, Jin, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook on New Year’s Eve, he hasn’t been able to share a majority of the stages with his fellow BTS members. Post-surgery, Suga confessed to being unable to lift his arm and as a result, he’d had limited mobility in his shoulder (fans know just how difficult the choreography for the groups songs are). In a recent interview with Weverse Magazine, Suga was asked how he felt watching the other members continue with their planned activities while he was forced to recuperate. The 27-year-old confessed that he couldn’t “say it feels great.”


“I could see the emptiness because we’ve been together as a group of seven for so long. Not necessarily because I’m not there but because something that should be there is missing?”


Suga has previously talked about the origins of his injury, sharing that he had been in an accident while working as a secretly working as a delivery boy during his days as a trainee. At the time, he kept his injury a secret from his company. Trainees are not allowed to be doing anything but training when working towards debuting in the South Korean entertainment industry but are famously treated poorly, forced to train long gruelling hours with no income (some even incur “training debt” that they work for years to pay off post-debut).  However, Suga did mention that upon hearing about his injury, his company aided him in the recovery process. He famously addressed the injury in his emotional song “The Last” where he sings (as per translations):


“My shoulder which shattered / Thanks to the accident I met / During my part-time job.”



These days, Suga is focused on working through his recovery and the frustration he feels from being unable to do all the things he wants to with the group. Instead, he’s “tried out new things” – including watching shows like “Samjin Company English Class”, “Sing Again” and “Show Me The Money 9”.  He added that a full recovery would take “several months” and that he’s “trying to get better as fast as possible”.


“My doctors keep telling me that I shouldn’t be impatient and in fact, many athletes get a resurgery when they return to the field without proper rehabilitation. So I’m working on trying to care less,” 


Hopefully, we’ll see a fully recovered Suga on stage with the other BTS members soon!



*Cover image credits: Instagram / @suga_bighitentertainment

Written by: Marissa Anne

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