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“I’m Just Trying To Spread Good Vibes”; Hafiz Mahamad Apologizes For Video Of Him Giving Bonuses To Staff

today11 May 2021


“I was wrong to not abide by the SOPs.”


It’s not easy to admit your wrongdoings, let alone do so publically. But entrepreneur Hafiz Mahamad has done just that, releasing a video of apology for his recent viral video. The video in question is a 4 minutes 26-second clip posted on his Instagram of him giving bonuses to his staff for their hard work, as Hafiz states.



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The video may have been shared out of good intention, but the Twitter community viewed it from a different perspective. User @FiqhTabayyun shared screenshots of the video (which was also published on Facebook), with a caption indicating their concern for the lack of SOPs displayed.



“People say these Instafamous just like to do things that people don’t like because they’ll definitely go viral, and then they’d enjoy the views and free marketing. He doesn’t care about the SOPs. A mere compound of RM 10,000 is just a stash he can take from his armpits. The type that doesn’t feel sympathy for the hardworking frontliners who are battling COVID.”


The thread continues:



“You want to show that you’re caring as a boss towards your staff, but the fact of the matter is you’re not concerned about the dangers of COVID neither do you obey the SOPs. They know about the dangers of COVID but they neglect it because they’re obsessed with their boss’ orders to hug each other. A month’s salary bonus and they forget everything?”


Hafiz has since then posted an apology video, saying he’s been going back and forth to the police station to settle his case. He thanked PDRM for being kind to him and he said he has learned his lesson.



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A post shared by Hafiz Mahamad (@hafizmahamad)


Among the people who applauded his apology is rapper and entrepreneur Caprice.

He said: “Congratulations bro…it’s difficult for someone to admit that they’re wrong and apologize after going viral.”


Photo via Instagram/hafizmahamad


This wasn’t Hafiz’s first time in the spotlight. Previously he was called out for his “Interstate Travel” video that apparently mocked those who couldn’t cross the border. Also adding the fact that he failed to wear a mask.


Admitting to your mistakes can be difficult, but what matters most is that you actively make a change. We hope to see growth in both Hafiz and others, as we continue in our fight against the COVID-19 virus.


*Cover Image Credit: Instagram @hafizmahamad

Written by: Mifzal Malik

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