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Jennifer Lawrence “Couldn’t Stop Bleeding” After “Controlled Glass Explosion” Gone Wrong

today8 February 2021


30-year-old JLaw is no stranger to intense, high-risk action scenes – heck, she was the star of a dystopian film franchise with deadly games and tonnes of near-death moments. However, for the most part, the real scary bits are done by professionally trained stunt actors; for the not-so-scary/dangerous stunts, most leads would act the scene out themselves. Every step of the way, whether the scene involves stunt doubles or the lead actors, stunts are performed in controlled environments with safety measures in place. Needless to say, accidents happen and sometimes, these accidents can go very very wrong. Such is the case with Jennifer Lawrence on the set of the upcoming star-studded Netflix movie (in which we will also see Leonardo DiCaprio, Meryl Streep, Timothée Chalamet, Ariana Grande, Cate Blanchett, Chris Evans and more), ‘Don’t Look Up’.



According to a report by TMZ, sources shared that the ‘X-Men’ actress was quite seriously injured when shooting the final scene of the movie. During the late-night/early morning scene (the incident reportedly happened around 1 AM), JLaw was sitting inside a restaurant with costar Chalamet. As part of the scene, the restaurant window that the pair were sitting in front of was supposed to explode. Unfortunately, the controlled explosion wasn’t – errr – very controlled and didn’t go as planned, sending shards of glass flying.


As a result, JLaw sustained injuries to her face, sources telling TMZ that “a shard of glass cut Lawrence’s eyelid and it would not stop bleeding”. Other news sources report that Lawrence left the scene clutching her face while one The Boston Globe reports that she was hit with fragments after a trash can went through the window. While there has been no official word on the extent of her injuries or Chalamet’s, Lawrence is expected to return to filming this week.


In the upcoming comedy – a blend of political satire and apocalyptic disaster – Lawrence plays astronomer ‘Kate Dibiasky’, who attempts to warn the world that Earth is in danger of being hit and destroyed by an approaching asteroid. She is accompanied by ‘Dr. Randall Mindy’, as played by Leonardo DiCaprio.  While the film was originally scheduled for release last year, it faced delays – like many other films – and is now wrapping up filming, with release scheduled for this year on Netflix.

*Cover image credit: Netflix

Written by: Marissa Anne

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