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Kim Young Woong Blames Song Joong Ki For His Mistakes On The Set Of ‘Vincenzo’

today17 May 2021


Have you ever seen a man so handsome that all your brain cells just dive right out the window?


Fellow ‘Vincenzo’ co-star, actor Kim Young Woong who played the role of Park Seok Do, revealed that he made mistakes while filming all because of Song Joong Ki and his devilishly good looks. 



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Praising Song Joong Ki, he says,


“He’s very good at acting and he’s handsome.” 


He elaborated that,


“There were times that I was so absorbed in his acting and his good-looks that I forgot my lines.”


Proceeding to crack a joke, he laughed and said,


“I think he’s too much because he’s so distracting on the set and breaks the tempo.”


Kim Young Woong also praised Song Joong Ki for being quick-witted and thinking on his feet, saying that Song Joong Ki was able to instantly respond to all the ad-libs he did on set.


The 50-year-old South Korean actor explained,


“He’s so quick and is able to respond back to all the ad-libs.” 


Kim Young Woong also revealed that the line, “Can you call me Hyung?” during one of the episodes was an ad-lib, and without missing a beat, Song Joong Ki responded with another ad-lib saying, “Hyung my foot, I’m about to hit you!”


In the hit crime K-drama, Song Joong Ki played Park Joo Hyung who was adopted by an Italian family and later on as an adult, he becomes a lawyer and gets entangled by the mafia, renaming himself Vincenzo. When the leader of the mafia family dies, his biological son comes after Vincenzo, causing him to flee to Seoul and meets beautiful lawyer Hong Cha Young. 



*Cover image via tvN

Written by: Farah Qistina

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